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St. Martin de Tours Church
St. Martin de Tours Church (St. Martinville, LA)

Phone: 337 394 6021
Website: http://saintmartindetours.org/

133 South Main Street
St. Martinville, LA 70582

Mailing Address:
P O Drawer 10
St. Martinville, LA 70582

Founded: 1765

Families: 1372

(South Region)

Adoration Chapel Hours:
Sunday after the 5:30 Mass until Saturday at 3:00 PM
A History Rich in Faith and Service to God.

Saint Martin de Tours Church is one of the oldest Catholic churches in America and the third oldest in Louisiana.

It was founded in 1765 by a group of Acadian exiles who arrived that year, the first of many of the unfortunate refugees driven from Canada by the English, who came to Louisiana over a period of some twenty years. It was these exiles who established the Acadian culture and traditions that have left an indelible imprint upon the state of Louisiana. 

By an act of the State Legislature, approved March 7, 1814, the church was incorporated; and another act, approved March 16, 1820, authorized the congregation to conduct a lottery to raise funds to build a new church. The current church structure was dedicated on June 2, 1844.    

Saint Martin de Tours Church has been the center of religious and cultural activities of St. Martinville and the Attakapas Nation since colonial days.

Three historic buildings sit on the church square. The current church structure, although enlarged and renovated over the centuries, was built in 1836. The church is flanked on the right by a two story rectory, called the “Presbytere” and a two story parish hall on the left. Both buildings predate the Civil War.  All three historic buildings face a large grass covered and tree shaded park, forming a dominant and impressive element in the town plan.

In front of the church stands a statue of Father Jan, an early pastor; in front of the rectory is a statue of Saint Martin of Tours, patron of the town and parish; and in front of the parish hall is a statue of a Native American from the Attakapas Nation.

Over the years, the church has become a place where countless faithful have encountered God.  Saint Martin de Tours Church was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on April 10, 1972. It is recognized as the Mother Church of the Acadians.

Saint Martin de Tours Catholic Church offers self-guided tours on weekdays and weekends but not during scheduled masses, holy days, or during private weddings or ceremonies.

Mass Times
  • Sunday
    8:00 AM
  • Sunday
    10:00 AM
  • Sunday
    5:00 PM
  • Saturday
    4:00 PM
    During Daylight Savings Time
  • Saturday
    5:00 PM
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