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Domestic Infant Adoption

“The Lord is near the broken-hearted, He is the Savior of those whose spirits are crushed down.”
Psalms 34:18 (BBE)

Couples considering adoption usually have spent years exploring their infertility. This can involve numerous tests and procedures that are intrusive to what is generally a very private, personal and intimate experience for a married couple. The roller coaster of emotions can leave one exhausted, uncertain and hesitant about the next move.  The staff here at Catholic Social Services has each walked a personal journey of infertility, which gives us greater compassion for your story.  Plus, we each have many years of professional experience in the field of adoption.
We know as you are reading this that you just want a baby and want him or her now. We empathize with your frustration, disappointment and pain.  Working with our agency may not necessarily be the fastest way for you to become parents, but we believe that in the long run, Catholic Social Services can offer you invaluable education and supportive counseling services throughout the lifetime of the adoption. Our intention is to give as much control as possible back to our clients in this process when you have often felt like that was taken from you.
We welcome you to explore further our agency, its staff and services through this website. Feel free to give us a call as you consider your next move.  Generally, in the fall and also in the spring we offer an interactive orientation where we meet with couples who have submitted the initial application to us.  Because it is face-to-face, we can better answer questions and concerns about adoption; hopefully, it is the beginning of a trusting relationship.

Click here to open a PDF copy of the Domestic Adoption Pre-Application.

Compared to independent adoptions, private adoption agencies are more likely to provide the following advantages to clients:
  1. Counseling by qualified, objective social workers, who consider all parties as equal.
  2. Good family assessments in which stability is thoroughly checked out prior to infant’s placement.
  3. Prospective adoptive couples are educated about the added aspects/questions/needs unique to adopted children.
  4. The birth parent is given time/counseling to assure that her placement decision is indeed best.  Her option to single parent will always be discussed.
  5. Full, proper relinquishment services always take place.
  6. A child’s best interests are always sought.  Even a child born with special needs is typically placed.
  7. Temporary interim care for the child is offered in a licensed home, if needed.
  8. Biological background information is maintained permanently.  Updates by all parties are encouraged.
  9. A continuum of services is offered, including post-placement counseling for each person’s lifetime.
  10. No illegal or unethical payments are made to birth parents.  CSS handles the special needs of the birth mother, not the couple.
  11. CSS makes referrals to coordinate needs with community resources.
 Source:  Adoption Factbook, National Council for Adoption

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